The Production Process

A full production involves many steps. A dream to screen service includes pre-production, production, and post-production.

Below are some steps that you will need to get your project on the right track and on schedule.

First, it is necessary to have a concept, a goal in mind and a rough plan of how that goal should be obtained. How do you wish the final product to be used? Are you trying to market something or provide information or to record an event? In many cases a script will be necessary.

Next, a budget and a schedule will need to be arranged. If it is a video production the site will need to be surveyed before the shoot to ensure the preparation of any special arrangements needed due to the environment. Finally, if professional talent is to be used, those arrangements must be made.

  1. Every serious project begins with serious planning. We can help you formulate your proposed project by asking you questions at our initial meeting. Many of these questions can be answered by filling out our Project Profile Worksheet.


  2. We then develep and submit for your approval a Prelimary Proposal and Budget where we define the scope of the production, the basic approach, and a proposed budget and timeline.


  3. After your approval, we meet again to discuss the nature of the information which the program will cover. You will need to provide this information either in outline form or as a list of subjects to be covered. If your project is going to contain hard facts and figures, now is the time to include them. Often the existing company literature (brochures, product spec sheets, annual reports, etc.) already contain much of the information. If needed, we may ask you to begin searching for your company's historical photos or existing graphic material (logos, previous videos, etc.).


  4. Based on the material you give us, we develop and submit for your approval a Creative Treatment. This is an outline which shows how the video begins, develops, and ends. It includes all the relevant points of the video, but the final script will not yet be developed.


  5. After we discuss and you approve the Creative Treatment, we write the full script, which meets all your needs in a fresh, unforgettable way. The script is submitted for your comment, revised, and resubmitted for your approval.


  6. After you have approved the script, we arrange a shoot schedule and do whatever is necessary to prepare for the shoot. This would include booking for professional talent and surveying the location.



Using the best equipment and crew available, we shoot what's needed. Our in-house Broadcast quality equipment is the industry standard. By owning the gear, we can assure you of being very accommodating and cost-effective.

Special equipment, such as a camera jib or dolly, help us cover your subject with the right measure of artistic knack. Our colleagues provide additional equipment and expertise where required. You supervise, watch for technical accuracy as far as it relates to your business, and interface between your personnel and our crew.


  1. We use an in-house state of-the-art non-linear (hard-disk-based) editing system to maximize the quality of your video. This allows us to make changes, which are quick and simple to do. After your review and approval of a rough edited video, the final mix of narration, music, and sound effects (up to 8 tracks of CD-quality sound), the timing is finessed to the split second, and the graphics, special effects, and sophisticated transitions are laid in. The production tells your story accurately, with stylish, engaging, memorable flair.


  2. In a surprisingly short time you receive an edited master tape, ready for duplication to any number of copies in any tape format or international television standard. Or, we output your project as a digital MPEG movie, ready for integration into a CD-ROM, DVD, or Web page. Either way, we can keep a digital master of your edited video in case you would care to make any revisions later.


  3. We would then handle any of your duplication needs. Special laser printed labels and professional packaging is a must to complete the ensemble.


In all cases, we make sure we exceed your expectations, meet your deadlines, and stay within your budget.

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